Nikkib406/ilikevacuouspop: home alone 2: lost in new york.

ucidaisy: quarantined due to avian flu

faireedawl/that farah girl: me.

DavidTheChinaMan/BrucesAssistant: Music Industry Guru and Rock GOD

down wit pants: my brother from another mother

coachzzzjareb: angela, NPP cohort

snuffpupz: raymond "snow" rim. they call him snow, 'cause he always flakes

promegreek: CN

FullPatern: patty action

Hewdah: Hookermop Hildy (Chinese Hilda)

the astro creep: ralph "we're gonna be out of here by 10:15, right guys?" manzanares

jonny c hwang: the sophistocat-O

TheOminousClouds/tehjix: robots ate his socks